Coeur d'Alene Concierge Services

Grocery Shopping

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Don't have time to pick up the groceries? Let Kindred do your shopping!

Kindred Concierge's standard grocery and gift service for the Coeur d'Alene and Spokane area includes the purchase, delivery and placement of all groceries and gifts for our clients. The placement of groceries in your home is tailored to your personal preferences and needs. Please call us at (208) 666-8888 to arrange this service.

When ordering your groceries online, please try to remember the brand names and quantities you prefer. Kindred Concierge will do our very best to make sure all your grocery needs are met. However, we are limited to specific brands in the Coeur d'Alene/ Spokane area.

Maid Services

Kindred Concierge maid & housekeeping service includes cleaning the interior of your home top to bottom. Homes accessed only by boat on Lake Coeur d' Alene are no problem for our versatile staff. To see our standard cleaning list or order service please see below. Our cleaning services vary from home to home. Please feel free to contact us at (208) 666-8888 for an on-site quote as to how we can best meet your needs.

Coeur d'Alene Concierge Services

Our traditional Coeur d'Alene Concierge Services are designed to provide you with an extra set of hands. Concierge service rates start at $26/hr. It's the next best thing to getting yourself cloned.

Other Coeur d'Alene Concierge Services

From construction projects to routine maintenance, repairs or winterization of watercraft and automobiles, we've got you covered. General service rates start at $28/hr.

Spokane Website Development

Roundbox Creative develops websites and marketing materials for your company to help you excell in todays tough market. Companies like Kindred Concierge understand the value of working with Roundbox and continue to benefit from their marketing services since 2008.

made in americaKindred believes that American made is the best made.
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Welcome to Kindred Concierge, the most trusted concierge service in the Coeur d’Alene/Spokane area with a reputation for going above and beyond traditional concierge services to assist with whatever our clients need, whenever they need it.

Coeur d'Alene Concierge Services
Testimonial"They [Kindred] have always had the "can-do" attitude, and have been incredibly reliable and responsible to all of our needs."
- Steven Wilson
Testimonial"Kindred is consistently accommodating yet flexible to our ever-changing needs, which makes our lives easier!"
- Bea and Ed Schweitzer
Testimonial"We have been using many of Kindred's services for almost 10 years. I can't think of one project that we did not come away being completely satisfied."
- Peter Stanton
Testimonial"The crew is great and in today’s hectic world they traffic in that most scarce commodity – trust."
- Chris Majer
Testimonial"As a lake owner and realtor in the waterfront property industry, I find the use of Kindred is professional and convenient."
- Bill Fanning
Testimonial"If you are a person that is looking for a services company that created and delivers real value for its clients in a complex world that is changing constantly then Kindred is the company. "
- Mark K. Souza
Testimonial"They [Kindred Concierge] have experts in every conceivable niche with family values and a 'Can Do' Attitude."
- Richard B. Brooke
Testimonial"Kindred has been a friendly and trustworthy service for me and my family over the years."
- Jim Engh
Testimonial"We would recommend Kindred Concierge to anyone in need of any of the wide range of services they provide. They are a very trustworthy company."
- Ted Pulver
Testimonial"The great thing for us is that we don't have to spend a lot of time trying to find the right contractor to do a specific request we need. One call to Kindred and an employee of theirs arrives on-site, on time."
- Angela and Daryl Wolfswinkel
Testimonial"When we want something shipped to our home, we send it to Kindred, they deliver it to our home, unpack it, then haul away the debris. We arrive and items are right where they belong, ready for our use."
- Tom Davidson
Testimonial"Due to the excellent and trusted service received from Kindred, we enjoy our time at the lake even more. All of our needs and concerns are met with an immediate response which allows us the time to truly enjoy the Coeur d'Alene area."
- John Elway
Testimonial"Their employees are cross-trained to do concrete, framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, drywall, painting, tiling and floor coverings. It's great to know we only have to make a single call to get any service our family needs done."
- Herb Ritter
Testimonial"The ease of knowing we don't have to call 10 different companies certainly makes our lives and time we spend at our home on Lake Coeur d'Alene more enjoyable. And, we always see the same happy employees year after year!"
- John Keating
Testimonial"I have come to trust Kindred to help maintain, clean and perform repairs on my vacation homes. Kindred and I jave worked together for over 7 years and we have formed a great partnership!"
- Pam French
Testimonial"Vester Studio of Design, LTD has worked with Kindred Concierge for years. They are our right hand in completing all of the tasks that need doing when working on a design project in Coeur d'Alene."
- Pati Vester
"Kindred and I jave worked together for over 7 years and we have formed a great partnership!"
- Pam French
"We have found the employees to be hard working & efficient...taking the extra steps to make sure things are not just done, but done right!"
- Ed and Bea Schweitzer
"They [Kindred] have always had the "can-do" attitude, and have been incredibly reliable and responsible to all of our needs."
- Steven Wilson
"Come to think of it, I'm not sure I'd own a lake house without you!"
- Peter Stanton





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